The Sandwich
By Jim Regan

For, oh, so many years, I have talked to and with folks about "THE SANDWICH." Ya gotta hold on here. I have a reputation for making, building, great sandwiches. Baloney and cheese; with tomatoe, lettice, mayo( Real Mayo,)butter, and sometimes a slice of onion. There was a "Testimony" for me, when our granddaughters were returning to Texas from a visit with us in KY. Pop Pop, can you make a Baloney sandwich for us to eat on the plane back to Texas, they asked!

You bet! The fellow at the security check in Louisville airport asked the girls, "What's in the bags?" Baloney sandwiches from our Pop Pop they responded! Good to go at the chackpoint.

Now to the other half of this TALE. For years and years, while working with the greatest troops in this world, I have had to pull some guys and gals aside and tell them to "Slow Down!" After my tours in the 'Nam, I found a "new" way to pull troops back a notch and let them know," " That has always been "ME," and I never intend to diminish the fact that there are ; real HEROES among us and have gone before us!God Bless them and all who serve our Nation!


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