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69th Annual 1st Cavalry Division Reunion

8-12 June 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division Association will be meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate our 69th Annual Reunion from 8-12 June 2016. Plan to join us for a fun time meeting old friends and making new ones.  Numerous events are being planned and there will be opportunities for you to go off on your own and see the surrounding area.  The Nevada Chapter is hosting this reunion and they are setting up an excellent program, so make plans now to join us for our reunion and help make Las Vegas CAV Country!




The hotel hosting the reunion is the Palace Station Hotel & Casino.  The Palace Station is located at 2411 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas.  The Palace Station Hotel & Casino will serve as the Reunion Headquarters for the 69th Annual Reunion and all of the regularly scheduled events will occur there.  You must make your reservations prior to Monday, 9 May 2016 to receive the guaranteed rate.  Rooms reserved after that date will be based on availability and at priced at the prevailing hotel rate.  To reserve a room call the hotel's reservation office at 800.634.3101 and identify yourself as an attendee at the 1st Cavalry Division 69th Annual Reunion, the group code is "PCICAV".    You may also make your reservations on line through the 1st Cav webpage,  


We have rooms blocked in the Economy Courtyard and in the Luxury Tower and the hotel offers different rates and the rate changes on Friday and Saturday.  The Economy Courtyard is only two stories and has no elevators so if you are unable to climb stairs book your room in the Luxury Tower.   Please be advised that all rates quoted are per room, per night, single or double occupancy.  There is a $15.00 charge required per room for triple occupancy and $30.00 per room for quad occupancy.  A $12.99 Hotel Service’s Fee will be added per room, per night.  The room rates and Hotel Service Fee are subject to Clark County room tax, currently at 12%.  Please note: Room tax is subject to change at any time without prior notice.  The room rates by room type are listed below:


                                                           WED         THU             FRI              SAT                  SUN

                                                          06/08         06/09            06/10           06/11                06/12

                Economy Courtyard        $35.00        $35.00         $79.00         $79.00              $23.00

                Luxury Tower                 $49.00        $49.00         $95.00         $95.00               $49.00

                Petite Suite                     $69.00        $69.00        $115.00       $115.00              $69.00


The Palace Station Hotel & Casino is located 5 miles from McCarran International Airport and a quarter mile from the Las Vegas Strip. They have 6 restaurants, 4 bars and lounges and 24 hour Room Service.  They feature:

Free scheduled shuttle service to and from McCarran Airport and Las Vegas Blvd

Free parking / Free internet / Free long distance calls

Self Service Business Center

Two swimming pools, jacuzzi’s and workout facility

Full service beauty salon

Starbucks Coffee Outlet / Subway / Bonanno’s Pizza / Johnny Rocket’s Hamburgers




By Nick Palmisciano

West Point graduate and

Ranger School Cadre

      Two women have endured over 120 days of abject misery to pass the most elite leadership course in the military.  Two members of the long gray line are now Ranger Qualified.

      And I’m proud of them beyond comprehension, but more than that, I’m blown away.  I’m blown away, because I know how hard that school is.  I know how much it takes out of you.  I know how many times you feel like you might not make it, and you have to make the decision to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I know how many times I wanted to quit. 

      And I also know that these two ladies are not men.  They don’t have my frame.  They don’t have my muscle mass.  They don’t have my testosterone levels.  Which means they hurt more than I did.  Which means they had to dig deeper than I did.  And they made it anyway.  And they suffered for four months to do it.

      And that means they’re tougher than I am.

And that’s exactly who I want leading our soldiers.

Now, I don’t know what all of this means for the infantry, or by extension the SOF community.  I am well aware that these are different things than passing a course.

      The Army will figure that out in time.

      But what I do know is that the hate being leveled at these Rangers is unacceptable.  We want leaders who push themselves beyond their limits.  We want leaders who want to excel and develop every way they can.  Whether the Army integrates units or not, that doesn’t change the fact that these ladies are hard  and are the absolute best America has to offer.  They literally have no quit in them.

      So, as the proud saying goes, Rangers Lead the Way.

And ladies, you just did.


      Ninety four men and two women graduated in Class 06-15.  The class began with 19 women and 381 men.  Eight of the 19 women successfully completed the Ranger Assessment Program.




Army Echoes Jan 2016


      Terrorist can attack anywhere, anytime – the threat is real.

      The iWATCH Army program is to train soldiers to increase their awareness on the home front.  It provides useful information on the indicators of potential terrorism and what type of information should be reported.

      This program has been extended to the retired military community.  Information can be found on the Army One Source website ( under Family Programs and Services.  Go to iWATCH army –“See Something Say Something”. Retired soldiers will find useful information to sustain their own personal knowledge and awareness of the risk of terrorist threat and individual protective measure.


Anticipate:  Anticipate threats, make choices that reduce risk

Be vigilant:  Remain alert, note changing conditions and suspicious activities

Don’t be a target:  Be anonymous, control access, be unpredictable

Respond and Report:  Respond appropriately, report suspicious or threatening activities


     Take the time to teach others to not just sit or lie there, --- do something:



      FACT:  government agencies have stated that there are 25,000 to 50,000 Muslims in the United States who support killing people who are not of their faith.  A full strength infantry division is about 18,000 soldiers.  The FBI is supposed to identify and monitor all of these people, RIGHT.





LRRP Crossed Sabers Pin


T-Shirts:    Black/White sizes to 4X


T-Shirts Novelty: White  sizes to 4X


T-Shirts Recondo: Grey sizes to 2X


Golf(Polo)Shirts:Blk/White sizes to XL


Sweatshirts M to XXL


Hats:                  Black or White


Ranger Ring:       size 101/2 only


Belt Buckles:          numbered


Ranger Lapel Pin: On Hold


Sm Cloth Scroll Patch:   (H - 75th)


LG unit crest patch


Recondo patch


Wooden Nickel:


Koozie can coolers


Ankony's book; LURP's


Seymour’s book - Camping


DVD's  1 Jungle- Forged Brothers

2 Bear Cat Training

3 Tribute To Our

Fallen Comrades

4 History Channel LRRP's



Decals:   interior/exterior






Shipping per order



Please mail check/money order payable to LRRP/RANGERS

Bennie Gentry

1347 20th St.

Tell City, IN 47586


No email

The $5.00 shipping charge covers only one or two shirts.  Donations are gladly accepted



by and about LRRP/Rangers in Viet Nam


The Ghosts of the Highlands by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson, Ivy Books.  The beginning of the 1st Cav LRRP/Rangers, 1966-67

LRRP Company Command by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson, Ballantine Books.  The 1st Cav LRRP/Rangers, 1968-69

Acceptable Loss by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson,  Ivy Books.  Kregg’s autobiography, 1969-70.

MIA RESCUE LRRPs in Cambodia by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson, Ivy Books.  One mission gone bad during the Cambodian Invasion.

Above All Else by Ron Christopher, PublishAmerica.  Ron’s autobiography about being the TL of the first team to pull a mission

as the 1st Cav’s LRRP/Rangers.

One-Zulu by Curtis “Randy” Kimes, published by author.  About one mission, May 7-9, 1968.

Lurps: A Ranger’s Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri by Bob Ankony

University Press of America, of Rowman and Littlefield Publishing group, 1967-68

In The Jungle ---Camping with the Enemy  By Jim “Spanky” Seymour, Outskirts Press 

Memories of Spanky’s LRRP missions, 1967-69.



For What It’s Worth by David Klimek, published by author.  Dave’s experiences during the Cambodian Invasion .

A Troop, 9th Cavalry by Ron Christopher. PublishAmerica.  Ron’s experiences with the “Blues” A-1-9 before he joined LRRP.



laundry list jpg photo






from Harry Elston


  I was on a mission to monitor the border with Team 46 - a 6 manTeam that was hastily made up of anyone from 1st and 2nd Platoons who were in the rear when the order came down. SGT Dwight "Bull" Durham was the TL. Kingston was the ATL, I was RTO. Also on the mission was SGT Hasty, PVT White and one more whose name escapes me.


The Cambodian border was the western edge of our box and there was no shade at all except for a couple widely spaced tree squares complete with ant hills. We humped over to the one in Cambodia, sat.... er... rather monitored it for a while and went back. It's a good thing we did, because that night a Company of grunts got in a firefight with Charlie, so Charlie decided to run to Cambodia. The only problem was that they were going to run right over us on this totally moonless night!


 We immediately called for Blue Max, but they were 20 minutes away - the longest I'd ever had to wait for them! Fortunately, the Spooky AC-130 that has been on station for the grunts heard our call and came over to put a ring of fire around us which diverted the gooks around us.


I was directing the ARA fire and had Max make a run very close to us on the back side of the anthill that we couldn't see using only 40mm's.  I then tossed the handset to Kingston so I could pack my gear and get ready to run.


Max made his run exactly where I wanted it in pitch black visibility and we were rewarded with a dirt shower.


 When I asked Kingston for the handset, he said he didn't have it so I reeled it in by the cord and heard CPT Pacerelli himself on the horn saying "46 PLEASE talk to me". Evidently, after Max made the run he said "Oh my God! I ran right over the top of them!" and there was no reply from us due to the misplaced handset!


Things quieted down right after that and the when the lift-ship got there, it couldn't find us using our strobes and we didn't want to reveal our position my using flares. We even fired the emergency magazine of tracers only! We could clearly hear that he was close.  (I seem to recall warning the pilot that they would be green tracers from my AK, but this old memory can't be sure.)


 Finally, I told the pilot to just land the bird, and we would come to him. As fate would have it, we had to scatter because he came down right on top of us! We did manage to recover some of the backpacks that the Gooks dropped in their haste to run, including one full of pot and one full of wine. The CO let us keep the one full of wine, but it was NASTY! 


 I've been meaning to share this for some time now, but never found that circular tuit!

Harry “Hippie” Elston




From Sam Dixon


Ronald (Ron) Bullock        Larry Glenn Crow                Clifford E. Demoss              Clifford E. Easley

Maryland                              Fort Myers, Florida              Knoxville, Iowa                   Spokane, Washington

19 May 2010                       17 April 1999                       30 August 2010                   11 August 2001


Robert Gene English           Larry M. Fields                     Wallace K. Foley Johnny C.  Forehand

Las Vegas, Nevada             San Leandro, California    Logan, Ohio                          Sharon, Georgia

8 July 2004                           2012   full date unkn9        February 1974                     23 August 2003




Army Echoes Jan 2016

The Veteran’s Identification Card Act directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to issue a veteran’s identification card to a requesting veteran who is neither entitled to military retirement pay nor enrolled in the VA patient enrollment. 

      The card must (1) display the veteran’s name and ohotograph, and (2) serve as proof that the veteran has a DD-214 form or other official document in his or her military personnel file that describes the veteran’s military service.

      The law also directs the VA to charge a card fee and states that the card shall not serve as proof of entitlement to any benefits.



For as we get older, it is not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."






By Chinese General Sun Tzu 544-496 B.C.


Without understanding the harm caused by war,

it is impossible to understand the most profitable way of conducting it.


The leader is the prop of the nation

When the prop is solid, the nation is strong

When the prop is flawed, the nation is weak.


Know the enemy, know yourself

and victory is never in doubt

If you do not know your enemy, or yourself

 then defeat is never in doubt.


A leader can bring misfortune on his troops in three ways:

Ordering them to advance or retreat when they shouldn’t.

Ignorant interfrence in military decisions.

Ignorant meddling in military appointments.


The skilled warrior first ensured his own invulnerability then he waits for the enemy’s vulnerability.

The victorious army is victorious first and seeks battle later, the defeated army does battle first 

and seeks victory later. 


Weakness stems from preparing against attack,

Strength stems from obliging the enemy to prepare against an attack. 

The highest skill in forming dispositions is to be without form.


War is founded on deception.

The skillful warrior does not rely on the enemy’s not coming, but on his own preparedness.

He does not rely on the enemy’s not attacking, but on his own impregnability.



1939 CHEVY

From Jim Regan


      Did you ever think about how long those old autos lasted? I already know. The owners had to take care of them, and lots of times repair the autos themselves. Back in 1939, this fellow was born, in Columbus, Indiana. My Uncle Neil had bought a brand new, 1939 Chevy. He and my Aunt Til, traveled to Indiana, from Philly, so that she could stand and be my God Mother at my Christening. Uncle Neil “stood in” for my Uncle Bill, my God Father, who was off at a CCC Camp in Maryland.

      Time marches on. I’ll refer to myself as a “1939 Model” often. There were the usual repairs on this model; Mastoidectomy, Tonsillectomy, broken arm, and cracked skull. All the things an active youngster would experience.

        Well we, my Mom and Sister Patty, are settled in Upper Darby, PA, a suburb of Philly, while Dad went off to the Philippines w/ his PT Boat Squadron in 1941. Needless to say, the family in Philly looked after us, as did our neighbors, and the Nuns and Priests at St. Cyril’s.  Life is going on and I turn about 10 years of age. While growing up there were many times that Unk Neil picked me up and carried me around with him, while he did his thing. Some of our stops would be Pep Boys or Sears Roebuck for parts for the Chevy. Or down to “Smashies” junkyard on 61st St. That was always an adventure for me. Unk Neil would talk with me about everything from school work to what I was doing at home to help my Mom. He’d show me how to keep that Chevy on the road with repairs and tune ups.

      Around 1949 he took me over to the “Lots” alongside the rail road tracks on Lindberg Blvd. There was a cleared off area, alongside of the RR tracks, as big as a football field. He’d pull over and put me in the driver’s seat, teaching me how to drive that ’39 Chevy. This same area was used by some old fellows playing “Botchi (SP) Ball.” I was always careful to do as Unk told me. It was a long time after I learned to drive that Unk retired the Chevy, sold it to “Smashies!” Many miles and memories of trips to the sea shore and all around the Philly area.

      In recent years, I have begun to refer to myself as a “1939 Model, ” that needed parts repaired and sometimes removed or replaced. Things like; broken arm, dislocated shoulder, banged up knee, broken ankle, pulled ham string, open heart triple bypass surgery, bi-focals, walking cane, and soon a shoulder replacement. But I aint ready for “SMASHIES” (Camp Nelson) yet!!!


Lots of mileage on me, but still vertical and above the grass. Thanks to the Big Ranger in the sky!





Army Echoes Jan 2016


      Disabled veterans may not be aware that they may also qualify for additional protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

      The ADA has more inclusive standards than the VA and defines a disability more expansively as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities”.

      The ADA covers most any type of serious injury received in the line of duty, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, hearing or vision loss, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

      The ADA also prohibits employers from discriminating against someone because of a real, or perceived, disability. 

      An employer must also provide accommodations for people with disabilities.  Some examples of these accommodations are:

Flexible schedules for medical/counseling appts.

On-site job coach for employees with brain injury.

Specialized equipment like a one-handed keyboard

More frequent work breaks

Modified desk or specialized chair.


More information is available at



From Bill Carpenter

      As you can see from the size of this newsletter, I haven’t got much from you guys.  Is the well dry?

      So I will use this space to promote the 2018 reunion in Charleston, WV.  It is a clean safe town and everything is within walking distance, except for the dog track and casino.

It’s just like coming home.

      There is a pretty good trout stream about a 90 minute drive away, anyone interested?

      We are working on getting a stern wheeler for river boat rides.  The river is an easy, four short blocks walk from the reunion HQ.


      I attended my grandchildren’s high school choir’s Christmas concert.  Yes, here in West Virginia we still call it Christmas.  During the concert I found myself thinking about what I would do if some people came in with assault rifles and started shooting.  What would the other people in attendance do?

      The average response time to a 911 call is eleven minutes.  Remember how long eleven minutes was when you were in a firefight waiting on the gun ships to arrive?

      Some people chose to ignore the fact that deaths due to firearms has dropped dramatically in areas where “concealed carry” is legal.  The bad guys don’t go there, they may be shot.  But this stubborn old man thinks that if I start carrying because of the terrorist  threat, then in a small way, they have won.  I do not want them to have even that much control over me. 

      But just by having me think about it during the concert, in a very small way the terrorist has won.  It is a quandary.

      The founders of this country, the United States of America, knew that organized armed civilians are what won our independence from England.  That is why the second amendment to our constitution exists.  The decision to “conceal carry” is mine and yours and should remain that way.

Why have we let this happen to our country?







Daniel James DeMara Jr.

November 11, 1948 - September 9, 2015


Age 66, lifelong Orange County resident. Entered Into Eternal Rest on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 in Orange, CA following recent hospitalization.

      Born November 11, 1948 in Santa Ana, CA, Daniel was the beloved son of Daniel and Lily Demara. After high school, he proudly served his Country in the United States Army 75th Ranger Regiment during the Vietnam War. He was awarded several medals and decorations including the Vietnam Service Medal W/2 Stars, Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal W/V. Following his retirement from the army as a major, Daniel worked as a City Planner in County Government for over thirty years. He will be greatly missed by his loving wife Kathryn "Kathy" Erickson, cherished daughter Erinne (Gabriel) Mejia, as well as by many other beloved family members and dear friends.


From: Phil Grande

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I texted Kathy. Dan called to her twice from the bathroom yelling that his head hurt real bad. She called 911 but when they reached the hospital he was brain dead. His organs have been donated. Cathy said it was a massive brain aneurysm.  I believe he went very quickly.


  I've been in touch with Dan and Alvino Deimes for the past 4 months.







Veterans Day, 2015

From Jim Regan


       Several weeks ago, a Minister at our church asked me to come see him. UH OH! Am I in trouble? I wander into his office and he asks if I would go, just down the road, to a Nursing Home, and participate in their Veterans Day Program. My immediate response was, “YOU BET!”

      Off I go and find the Activity Director at the Home. Seems as if they have at least ten residents, who are WW II or Korea Veterans. I work with the Director and we kinda figure out what part I’ll play in the program. The gal/Director, gives me a spot on the program to extend “Greetings” to the Veterans who will be able to assemble in the dining area for the program. Some of the Vets will remain in their rooms and I already know I’ll get to visit with them also.

       Well, the plans are made, program comes together, and I try to figure out what in the world I’ll say to these Vets, some in their NINETIES! I decide I’ll share a “Tale” with them. Read it to them. It’s called “A True Flag Story.” Written by a former P O W of the Japanese, WW II. Then I get a “brain storm.” I’ll give each Vet: a greeting card, a ball cap, either WWII or Korea Vet, and a copy of some of my tales. Went to one of my favorite “haunts,” Hallmark’s. Got gift bags, and cards, the hats were from The DAV, Disabled American Veterans Chapter, here in Lexington. Wow! I was ready to rock and roll.

        During the preparation period, some Vets go home and soon others take their place. One fellow went on to the loving arms of Jesus. R I P Fellow. So now I’m working hard to keep the names straight, and insure that not Vet goes unrecognized.

        Veterans Day!!! Time to do some “Magic!”  The group is assembled and the program begins. Had the usual stuff like; remarks from the director, invocation by the Chaplain. (Me and the Chaplain drove school busses here in the county, at the same time, seems like a hundred yrs. ago. ‘Nother great reunion!)

       I’m up next, and begin, of course, with a greeting and thanks for their service. I don’t linger on the comments and get right in to reading the Tale. This Tale is about life in a P O W camp. In fact, my Dad Chief Bos’n Mate Regan, is part of the tale.

      Here’s a “Kicker!!!” One of the Veterans in our group today, was on my Dad’s PT Boat, PT 41, on that treacherous journey from Corregidor to Mindanao. He was General Macarthur’s cook. Seventy plus years, after the war, here is a link to the past and my Dad, who did not return from the War.

       I wrap up my part with the staff assisting in presenting each Veteran with his goody bag. Now we have some certificates for the Vets (I did not get one.) Then a gal comes forward to lead us in song. First we sing “America the Beautiful”. We’re all sitting down, and it’s time for us to sing “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” I stand and don’t know if I’m the only one on my feet or not. I belt out the beautiful hymn. If ya read the tale, you’ll get the significance of the hymn to me!

       Chaplain gives Benediction and we break out to visit each Vet, in their room, and pass on the gifts and greetings. End of story… not hardly. I plan on dropping by to see my buddies. They may not recognize or remember me, but I aint goin’ there for me. It’s for them, so they know that they are not forgotten. My hope is that I’ll get invitations to participate in or attend programs at the home on the future.


(Rangers Lead the Way/ Love & Prayers)




PRESIDENTS REPORT                                   January 2016


Greetings and salutations from Big White Ski Resort in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. By the time you read this we have had a great Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and way too much wine. Hope all your holidays were as pleasant as ours. It’s now that time to start your planning for the reunion in Las Vegas this June. Once again we will host our raffle after the luncheon. Members can bring, mail to the hotel, or give to some one that is coming item/s that will be raffled off. Each year the items for the raffle get better and better. Thanks to all that contribute in gifts and just as important buying the tickets at the raffle.


 As I said earlier the reunion is in Las Vegas 09-12 June 2016; at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. For the reunion you can book a room by calling 800-634-3101 or 702-367-2411. This should be a well attended reunion so I would book a room now and if your plans change you can always cancel.


As you all know one of our members has provided fund that would allow us to pay the travel and lodging expenses for a member or maybe a couple of members to attend the reunion. I don’t know who could use those funds but I am sure that we have a member or members that would like to attend but can’t because they don’t have the funds available to make it happen. Please if you would like to come; know some one that would like to come but can’t because of funds let me know. Let’s spend the funds that have been allocated for this very generous offer. Send me an email or call to make this happen.


As some of you know I have been working on a web site for the unit for a number of years; a work still in progress. We have been trying to get pictures of our fallen brothers. To date we have all but 9. If you have pictures of these members please forward them to me or to Barbara whose email address is on our web site.


Holston, Arvell                 Noto, Robert Joseph                     Sprinkle, Thomas T

Bell, William Brent          Arnold, Daniel R                          Salminen, Paul John

Williams, John Charles    McGhee, Dennis O                       Trotter, Douglas E


As well I will be adding a page listing our Company Commanders, officers, First Sergeants, Platoon Sergeants and then teams. I need some help with this. I will include in this newsletter what I have. Unfortunately I lost some of the data that I had collected.

If you can contribute dates, names or teams to the list it would be greatly appreciated.