By Jim Regan

In years gone by, I have written some TALES/STORIES about "DON'T WAIT!"

Well, I don't know if someone is "talking" to me or not, I have another "DON'T WAIT" TALE!

Started with a TALE about a Ranger Buddy, circa '78, who planned to end his life, and I was able to "interrupt" that! Then a TALE about a fellow, a crusty Navy Chief, POW Returnee, WWII, who may have been on the same Japanese, Prisoner of War, Troop ship that my Dad went "Down on!" Nother TALE about my friend/brother, when he was on his "death bed!"

Then with a Ranger Buddy/Instructor, who I had not seen in years, who was dying from the big "C!"

How come I'm talking about this? It's because we forget to "stay in touch!" I have failed, for so many times to; stay in touch, and seek out, and just "Touch someone!"

Lastly, I found that a Soldier, POW Returnee, from '73, had died last year. I had the privilege and honor to debrief this young fellow. Lost track of him. Asked my Son to track him down so that I could say "Hi" when we got to Texas this year.

Sorrowfully, Marty died last year. I failed to stay in touch. He was one of my "HEROES" from Vietnam! Spunky, wise guy, SP4 from Jersey!!! In all his five years or so as a POW, he did not "give up!" He inspired me! "Don't give up!"

Went on too long! Think about it; call someone who has been on your mind, call your family members, call your buddies. Don't sit there waiting for the phone to ring, or a card to be dropped in your mailbox!

Don't wait!!! Jim RLTW

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