By Jim Regan

Around the end of October, '69, I was preparing for another milestone in my life. The "Thirtieth Birthday!" The C.O., Top, and a couple of others knew about the upcoming day. As you may remember, in those days the young folks said not to trust anyone thirty or over.

Well, on that day, my birthday, one of my Teams from the First Plt, made CONTACT in the Divarty A.O.! We all did our "magic" and got things rolling and in the air. Charlie Troop had a slick cranking as I rolled up to the pad on the mule with my gear. A Pink Team from "Cavalier" was already on the scene. Blue Max had bounced a section of ARA. The chatter on the Fox Mike was constant. The Team was in contact with an element of unknown size and taking lots of fire. I called them and let them know I was inbound. The RTO was about as calm as anyone under fire, and acknowledged my call. A few minutes later the RTO calls and his rate of speech told me that they were getting anxious. Give us a panel or smoke and we'll be in to get you, says I.

Several long minutes passed and we had the PZ in sight. Saw the smoke, ID'd it. I called the Team and asked the RTO, " Slashing Talon 3- this is Slashing Talon 15, do you trust me now?" The response was immediate! YES,YES, WE TRUST YOU, he said, COME ON IN!!!

The extraction was text book. Nobody wounded, all accounted for. Called in the "MARK", and headed back to Phuoc Vinh. All the way back I wore a Smile/Smirk on my face. The RTO almost blushed. There were no more conversations around me about not trusting anyone thirty or over!!!


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