A story about our president
Larry Curtis

I have heard several versions of the following story, so I will try to consolidate them. Larry CURTIS is known for his hunting ability and woodsmanship.

On his latest deer hunt (he went alone) he selected a tree to hang his deer stand. He did not notice that the tree was dead, and rotting, until after he climbed into the deer stand. Part of the tree broke and the deer stand moved. The sudden shift of his weight (Larry, you are not as light as you use to be) broke the deer stand he was sitting in (always check, and recheck, your equipment before a mission). So, Larry is hanging about 25 feet off the ground, upside down, by his safety line (it worked). Remember that Larry is hunting alone

Larry dropped his weapon to the ground (did it have a round chambered when it hit the ground?). He then planned his PLF before taking his sheath knife and cutting the safety line (recon ahead before proceeding). Well, he did not see the stump in the weeds on the ground until after cutting the safety line. One foot hit the stump, messing up the leg. There are different variations to the story as to how much damage was done to the leg, so you can decide on that.

He knew not to take off his boot to check the damage, but kept it on as a cast. He then walked out of the woods (the distance varies from a few 100 yards to a half mile, depending on the story teller). I didn't hear how much equipment Larry left in the woods, did he use the rifle as a crutch or cut himself a crutch? You can create your own version of that story.

After getting out of the woods, Larry then drove about 120 miles home before having the leg examined by a medic. After all, the mission and the debriefing are more important than the Ranger.

If you should ever want to go hunting with this Ranger who has been called a model for "a Dutch Master artist", you may want to know how to contact the local medivac before proceeding with the mission.

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