By Dave Shows

When I was a pre teen and permitted for the first time to go deer hunting with the men, my dad had borrowed a beautiful little ’99 Savage lever action in .250/3000 Savage for me to use. I was hot stuff! The only problem was my fingers were not quite strong enough to quickly work the safety, I had to really work at it, and that bothered me, fearing I wouldn’t be fast enough to get the drop on the largest deer in our Louisiana woods.
Then I ran into a total stranger in the woods. He admired my borrowed rifle and we got to talking about it, and I told him about my “problem”. This sage old gentleman told me how to solve it.
He said “when you load the rifle, with the safety off, pull the trigger and hold it back as you close the action, the rifle will be fully loaded but un-cocked, then when you a lead into view and asked, “What was that”. I threw a firecracker out the window I replied. “Oh” she said “don’t do it anymore the babies are asleep”. Yes ma’am, I said thinking can she be that foolish?
After she left I searched and searched around that room and finally found the tiniest little blemish of a hole in the paneled ceiling. Whew I thought, no one is ever going to see that. The next day when we returned home from the woods I happened to look up at the house, and holy moly it looked like a basketball had gone up through the shingles.
I suffered all night long, knowing I was dead meat, and my hunting days were permanently over. The following day as we again returned to the house, I noticed that my grandfather had a ladder leaning against the roof, and the shingles were all back in place. I was just waiting for the world to fall in on me. Latter in the evening my grandfather took me aside and put his arm around me and said “Davey, I don’t think we should load the guns in the house.” I said no sir.

By Dave Shows

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