By Chuck Awe

I had just arrived on the small LZ earlier that day to be part of a two man LRRP communications relay team. The LZ was the smallest I had ever been on but seemed secure. I was just settling in when, just after sunset, all hell broke loose; and not from one corner of the LZ but all over. My first thoughts were; kind of in this order,

1. We must be under a major attack.
2. This is a super small LZ, so I’m screwed.
3. Where’s the best place to go?

But, almost as soon as I had formulated the thoughts, the firing stopped. When I reported for my watch that night, I asked the other RTO, “What was that all about?” His casual comment was, “Oh, the mad minute. They do that every night just to scare the gooks off.” It would have been nice for someone to let me know that before I got to the LZ. Might have saved me from doing some extra laundry.

By Chuck Awe

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