By Chuck Schwinn

It was getting toward the end of the day when we came across this wide, well used trail. On one side of the trail was a large open clearing; the other side bordered the usual trees, undergrowth, wait- a- minute vines, etc. We decided to set up close to the trail and monitor it for the remaining part of the day and leave out come early morning. Spanky was the TL, and I was the ATL. I can't recall the names of the other team members but they consisted of one that had a couple missions under his belt. As for the others I think it was their first mission.

Morning had arrived, claymores had been pulled in; the other members were guarding perimeter. We were all more or less in a kneeling position. Spanky and I, facing each other, were looking at our map discussing our next direction of movement when Spanky said in a normal tone of voice, "shoot". Because of the tone I took it to mean like "well gosh". Looking beyond me, Spanky grabs his weapon and hollers to the other three, "shoot *@*#@#*!"

As I turned, looking over my shoulder I saw them. My heart started pounding and seemed to drop to my knees. A patrol was coming out of the wood line on the other side of the opening and was heading toward us. About that time they spotted us. In one motion I rolled, grabbed my M-79, and started lobbing rounds toward them while the others were firing their weapons. As they turned and fled some of them dropped their back sacks. We gathered all we could find and headed out of the area; later be extracted.

It was in later discussion with one of the team members that he said during his time at guard that night he heard movement pass by but didn't inform the rest of us.

Although we were back at base camp my heart dropped again at the thought of what had happened and what could have happened. Someone was watching over us.

By Chuck Schwinn

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