"The Cookie Mother"
By Jim Regan

Back 'round '84, while serving as the Darmstadt Military Community CSM,we had our annual "Girl Scout Cookie" sales event. My daughter was deep into the Scouts and guess where Mom and Dad were? Seems as if the Troop Leader had a bad case of the "Can't help its!" My wife was down with what we called the "Crud." The call came to me... "HELP!" OK... I get all the cookies delivered to my quarters. Boxes and boxes! Filled the living room, dining room and spilled onto the patio!

Got a list of all the GirlScouts and my driver contacted the parents to tell them to be at my quarters at 08:00 hrs Saturday morning for cookie issue.

The folks showed up and I issued them their portion of the cookies. Here's the deal, I told them. have the money back to me in two weeks. I will not take cookies back, only money and don't be late!

Wow, the Community paper puts out the news and I harrass all my CSMs in the area! Don't talk to me unless you have purchased your cookies. The parents do a great job with sales and my Daughter is running behind. The next Saturday I take all the excess cookies from my quarters, load up a card table, the cookies and my Daughter in my pick em up. Off we go to the PX at the Kaserne. I had talked w/ the PX manager and arranged to set up outside the entrance. We're set up and the folks, Soldiers and their families start to come in to the PX. Hi Sergeant Major they all say, have you got your cookies yet, says I. Well they are on the spot and within a half hour the cookies are gone. Amazing Soldiers!! I get all the money and no cookies turned in to the Troop Leader. She said that they had never sold all the cookies and it took weeks to get the money returned. Now you know how to do it, I told her. About a week later I got a call to attend a Scout meeting. They were handing out merit badges, mostly Cookie badges. They surprised me and gave me a Girl Scout mug and a Certificate telling me that I was the COOKIE MOTHER of the Year. I was finally referred to as some other kind of MOTHER.


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