Rodolfo Torres Jr.

This memorial website was created in the memory of
Rodolfo Torres, Jr.
He was born in Texas on January 14, 1941
and passed away on December 12, 2007
at the age of 66. We will remember him forever.



As he said no matter how hard the rest of us tried
we could never look that good!

His grandsons' favorite picture.

Doc Gilchrest, Bennie Gentry and Tom Campbell

Tributes and Condolences
SGT. E-5 Co. "E" 52nd Inf. 1967-1968 / Rick Tedder (LRRP Ranger)
God bless all those fellow LRRP's that surrounded the family during this difficult time. I pray that the Lord will comfort all those that are hurting from this loss
Very Sincerly,
Rick Tedder
Farewell / Larry Gant (fellow Ranger)
Farewell, my brother.
A Salute to A Great Man / Jim Kraft (a fellow LRRP)
I met Rudy in Vietnam in 1969 when I was a young man in the 1st Cavalry Division LRRPs. Although not a senior NCO at that time, Staff Sergeant Torres was one of two Sergeants in the company everyone looked up to. He was admired head and shoulders above the more senior ranking soldiers in the company. Rudy was bigger than life. My class of LRRPs were all in awe of him.
I remember Rudy as a quiet man. He was not loud. But when he spoke, everyone became quiet and listened carefully for they knew he had something important to say. Rudy was one of those very few men who keep calm in a crisis, who made you feel safe in combat. I will never forget him.
My deepest condolences to his family.
Jim Kraft, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army, Retired
Thanks Commo Chief Extraordinaire, Lurp SSgt Torres
Doug Parkinson
(Student, Team Leader HHC Long Range Patrol,
First Air Cav, '67-78')
Rudy: Thanks for the training that kept us alive. The testamony to your dedication is how long you stayed with the Lurps to share your knowledge. Our confidence as team members and team leaders was buildt on the foundation that operations personnel like you were available to pull us out of trouble...and we provided you with a lot of opportunity. Thanks from all of us.
Dark Marauder
Rudy, the "GO TO GUY" in Commo!
Jim Regan (1SG, Plt Sgt, Opns NCO)

First met in Dec '69. Was his First Sergeant for a week or so, then I went to the 1st Platoon. He was the main guy for anything and everything in commo. Set up the mountain relays and insured that the vital link of Commo so the Teams and the TOC radios etc,were reliable and ever functioning, even if it was 5 by! Always smiling, always moving. He was missed when he deros'd.
Sgt. Torres Memorial / Gregory Chavez (served with)
My thoughts are with Sgt Torres family. I ended up on a couple of our relays and Sgt. Torres was the head commo guy. He even pointed out a few things I never forgot. I'm sure He's with the rest of our deceased unit members. All our thoughts from the Chavez family.
My sincerest regret / Timothy Greenly (E Co 52d Inf LRRP)
Rudy was one of the first men I met when I got to Viet nam and joined the unit. He was a fine man and one of my heroes from that time period. He was one of our legends.
Solace / Dick "doc" Sweeney (LRRP's '67-68 )
I knew Rudy as our Sr. Communications NCO. He drilled us on the effective 'sitrep' procedures that served us well as unfriendly foot steps were uncomfortably close.... he was all business on those occassions.... our status and safety were only concerns. Back at base camp 'the hill or evans' he was quick with a smile and light hearted remark.

When I think of Rudy I recall what Maya Angelou wrote....

And when a great soul dies,
After a period peace blooms,
Slowly and always
Irregularly. Space fills
With a kind of
Soothing electric virbration.
Our senses, restored, never
To be the same, Whisper to us.
He existed - he existed.
We can be. Be, and be better
For he existed.
What a team / Doc Gilchrest (LRRP)
I have had the privilage and honor to have served with the finest men in America. As the years have passed and time has taken some of these men from us, I somehow, stand taller and prouder with each passing. Each one of these men was unique in his personality and character. Honor and courage was the common ground that we stood on. There are no words and never enough tears to express my feelings of loss.

Rudy is now resting with the others who have gone on before. Those of us who knew them can only imagine the joy they must share. If we let our imaginations drift, we can almost hear the laughter, rolling like thunder through the clouds of our memories. I can almost envision thier welcome to Rudy.

Commo is operational, and one by one we will make the rotation. We should have no fear.....we know who is there to greet us. I know there will be joy and peace, because, we as brothers, have parted the flames of Hell on Earth. LRRPS have led the way before us.
Visit the web site from Rudy's daughter!

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