Vietnam Photos 6

This is the 1st of 3 Pages of Photos from Glen McCrary

All Photos are From H Co. 1970 and 1971

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails.   Thanks, Glen for such excellent photographs, good documentation and sharing them with us!

When in doubt empty the magazine.

2ak47s.JPG (24900 bytes) Ranger, Gary Joy is ready with an AK47 in each hand! 2ww2med.JPG (25145 bytes) Team 22 after contact. From left to right is Dick Wall, Ken Matevia, Glen McCrary (in middle sitting on ground) and Harvey Claypoole. Two walking wounded and Sam Dixon and Harry Hofherr were medevaced.
3unknowns.JPG (17669 bytes) From left: Jerry (Skip) Donahue, ? , George Gentry 72000.jpg (12544 bytes) Unidentified Rangers with 72,000 rounds of captured AK47 ammunition.
akrpgm1.JPG (29348 bytes) Captured weapons - From the top of the table to the bottom are an AK47 with RPG (rifle propelled grenade, a B40 rocket launcher and a US made Springfield M1 rifle. Oct 1970. Backtoworld.JPG (26722 bytes) This happy Ranger is SFC Jim Regan. He's smiling because he's going back to the "World". Early 1970
Backtoworld.JPG (19311 bytes) "Back to the World" - This piece of art adorned the Ranger Inn BJDyke30calmg.JPG (23213 bytes) Barry Dykeman with a captured US 30 cal. machine gun. (or is it a .50 cal.)? Oct 1970.
Calderon.JPG (21833 bytes) "Pancho" Calderon cam2.JPG (44226 bytes) In the bush, minutes before contact. Hard to see these two Rangers, wouldn't you agree?
Classic.JPG (35718 bytes) Great picture of "Tex" Williams and Jim Massengill Wyattinbush.JPG (16685 bytes) James Wyatt in the bush.
CliffJim.JPG (26040 bytes) Cliff DeMoss and Jim Butler in the field. Feb 1971 clip.JPG (19436 bytes) Ranger, Ted Yoshimura sure is happy. Is it because his name is on the list or not on the list?
CMonroeGMcM203.JPG (27944 bytes) Clarence Monroe behind Glen McCrary. Glen sports a new M203, a combo of M16 and M79. cobra.JPG (17824 bytes) Cobra gunship--A Ranger's best friend!
DeMossD.JPG (42293 bytes) Ranger, Cliff DeMoss DSmith.JPG (25619 bytes) Ranger Darrell Smith in the boonies. To his right and behind him is George (Cecil) Gentry.
extract.JPG (16709 bytes) Glen McCrary onboard Huey after extraction from firefight. Feb 71. Extract2.JPG (16263 bytes) Ranger Dick Wall on the ride home after firefight.


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