Vietnam Photos 5
From Lou Bruchey

All photos were taken between Jan 70 and Mar 71 around the H Company, 75th Ranger area in Phuoc Vinh. These pictures should stir some memories. Thanks Lou!

Incoming fire has the right of way.

5Rangers.JPG (23822 bytes) Team 75 ready for a mission in Dragon's Head, 2nd Brigade (Song Be). Lou Bruchey, Stan Beasley, Andy Allen, George Gentry and James Essman. Bruchey1.JPG (32325 bytes) Lou Bruchey at entrance to H Co. AO
BrucLizKinLoz.JPG (28495 bytes) From left: Lou Bruchey, Cesario Lizarraga, Randy King and Sonny Lozano BruGent.JPG (38999 bytes) Bruchey (TL) and Gentry (RTO) in the boonies
CarsonHarperothers.JPG (29137 bytes) Ted Scherck, Dennis Smith, John LeBrun, Omer Carson (KIA), Tim Harper (KIA, Tex Williams and Dale Salsberry on the porch of the Ranger Inn. haircut.JPG (28459 bytes) O.J. Thomlinson, Bruchey (getting haircut), Vietnamese girl, Banta and a VC suspect barber who was later killed in the field.
KingLizOJ.JPG (24431 bytes) From left: Randy King, Cesario Lizarraga, O.J. Thomlinson, Lou Bruchey and Gary Kilmer noscript.JPG (32271 bytes) Lou Bruchey, O.J. Thomlinson and Darrell Smith-Pals
PhoucVinh.jpg (26741 bytes) Front row: Lou Carista, Lee Fix, John Fabian, Carlos Castro, Sherman Tiller Back row: Charles Ochoa, Mike Wirtz, Deverton Cochran (MIA), George Butler, Ron Andrus. RangerInn.JPG (34536 bytes) Leon McLaughlin, ARVN trooper, Lou Bruchey and Sam Dobbs
shirtless.JPG (25527 bytes) Randy King, Gary Kilmer, Grover Sprague and O.J. Thomlinson team.JPG (27429 bytes) Team 74 Front row: Bob Baker, Bill Weaver, Sam Dobbs. Back row: Lou Bruchey, Bill Abbott, George DeVaughn
Team74.JPG (32400 bytes) Team 74 in front of 2nd Plt barracks after a patrol. from left: Darrell Smith, Lou Bruchey, Leon McLaughlin, Sam Dobbs, George DeVaughn and Carl Laker (KIA) Team75.JPG (26569 bytes) Team 75 From left: Dennis Smith (going home!), Bruchey, Clark (David or Richard?), Ralph Stark, Robert Hughes and Rodney Tague
Trainees.JPG (20839 bytes) Ranger trainees practicing in front of classroom in H Co. AO NuiChowChan.JPG (23675 bytes) Bruchey on Alpha relay in 3rd brigade.
14vnbunch.JPG (29382 bytes) Bruchey, Chris Kreider, Dennis Smith, Tex Williams, Joe Harner, Clint Voorhees 18vn.jpg (30563 bytes) Stewart, Baker, John Adley (packing to go out), Tex Williams, Lozano, Fisher and Bruchey
21vn.jpg (23415 bytes) Bill Weaver, Cook and Terry Cordle in 1st Platoon barracks 20vn.jpg (25850 bytes) John LeBrun, Ralph Stark, Allen, Beasely, Bruchey, Gentry, Tim Harper (KIA) and Massengill in front of the Ranger Inn.


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