Vietnam Photos 2

The First four photos on this page were recently submitted by Keith Marquardt (vintage 1969). Thanks Keith.

Odd objects attract fire - Never lurk behind one.

Keith1.jpg (19290 bytes) Memorial service for Stan Lento, Archie McDaniels & Paul Salminen. L to R Williams (who was KIA about 3 weeks later, the chaplain, Capt. George Paccerelli and LTC Booth Keith2.jpg (20900 bytes) Downtown Phouc Vinh
Keith3.jpg (26522 bytes) Another shot of the tiger! Keith4.jpg (24402 bytes) L to R: James Stein, Dan Roberts, Mike Carroll, Larry McEwen and Keith Marquardt.
Montangnard Bush "Dish" - a Montangnard Scout. Out of LZ English, South of Chu Lai. Nov - Dec 1967 Photo courtesy of Doug Parkinson Montagnard Scout "Dish" again. Ban Ya 1967 - 68. Ashau April 1968. SKS taken from NVA sniper. Probably the same weapon used to wound Lt. Joe Dilger. Photo from Doug Parkinson
sig-hill-huey.JPG (69069 bytes) Signal Hill -Ashau, April 1968.
Photo from Doug Parkinson
signal-hill.JPG (87110 bytes) Signal Hill, Ashau Valley - April 1968
Left to right, standing Cpt. Gooding, McDonald, Terry Remitz, (others unknown)
From Doug Parkinson
3LRRPs.jpg (20140 bytes) From Left: David McWilliams, Bob Larson and John Eargle--1968
From Bob Larson
Frith.jpg (19633 bytes) Ray Frith, John Eargle and Bob Larson--1968 Courtesy of Bob Larson
What's he so happy about? From left: Larry McEwen (TL) and Cal Renfro (ATL) From Dan Roberts via e-mail 2 buddies fixin' to go huntin' From left: Ernie Perez (ATL) and Dan Roberts (TL)
From Dan Roberts, via e-mail
Is this in my job description Front, Dan Roberts (TL), From top: Carlos Castro (RTO), John Duffy, &
Ernie Perez (ATL), ? Photo from Dan Roberts
2 more huntin' buddies From left: Stan Edwards (TL) and Ken Yoos (ATL)
From Dan Roberts, via e-mail
Standin' tall & lookin' good! Sgt. George Richardson in early '69. Note the 52nd Inf. Crest. Photo from Dan Roberts Coming from and going to Recondo School Back from left: Rex McElroy, ?, Sam Jones, Charlie Hasty Front from left:
Dan Roberts, Walter Kraft, Turner Harvell, George Richardson and
Help with the rest!
KCS.jpg (16777 bytes) Kit Carson Scout, Nyguen Coung
From Bob Larson
Torres.jpg (20246 bytes) Rudy Torres and Bernard Graddy--1968
From Bob Larson


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