Vietnam Photos 14

Photos From Ted Yoshimura

These photos are from 1970-71. Some good pictures in here. Thanks Ted. Also, there is a great picture from Glen McCrary.  

The easy way is always mined.

TedYoshimura.JPG (18551 bytes) Ranger Ted (Yoshi) Yoshimura RangerInn.JPG (19646 bytes) The Ranger Inn at Company H.
RicardoCampos.JPG (19054 bytes) Ranger Ricardo Campos. safelanding.JPG (11541 bytes) Safe landing after quick extraction. Unknown team.
StewartMule.JPG (15719 bytes) Captain Stewart in the foreground. Need help with the rest. unknown1.JPG (21590 bytes) This ranger TL's first name is Bob. He was a Golden Knight before joining H Co. Anyone recall his last name? Thanks, Mike Davidson for the info.
Hoochmaids2.JPG (17977 bytes) A couple of hooch maids. FireSB.JPG (19248 bytes) Does anyone recognize this fire support base?
Hughes.JPG (26236 bytes) This is a great shot of Ranger, Bob Hughes (compliments of Glen McCrary). Can you see the ranger behind him? Helpwiththisone.JPG (29606 bytes) Need help here. Who's this young ranger?
TedY.JPG (27055 bytes) Ranger, Ted Yoshimura. Denckerandwho.JPG (25992 bytes) Lt. Dencker in background facing camera. Who is the other ranger ?
FourAmigos.JPG (19456 bytes) L to R: Charles Beasley, Tex Williams, Darrell Smith, and either Jimmy Massengale or Bill Abbott? hoochmaids.JPG (21743 bytes) Need help here. Does anyone recognize the hooch maid or the two guys in the background?
Lou Bruchey Ranger, Lou Bruchey BackgroundPosters.JPG (30672 bytes) Who is this ranger with the cool wallpaper?
Bootsandgloves.JPG (30489 bytes) Terry Wanish on the right. Not sure who's on the left. Preparing to go on a mission. awards.JPG (13213 bytes) Award ceremony. Recognize anyone here?
Campossitberet.JPG (22580 bytes) Ricardo Campos seated. To his right is Jackie Stobaugh. CommoChek.JPG (21832 bytes) Who's making this commo check?
Training poster Training poster for classes taught to non-Rangers Training poster Another poster in the training area.
Walker's Picture C 1/9 pilot, Walker Jones provided this photo. Would like to hear from members of the team, that he and his crew extracted under fire. Lou Bruchey at left of photo. Others?

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