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Thanks to Doug Parkinson, Larry Curtis, Patrick O'Brien, Bill Hand and Jim Plisch for these pictures.  The first photos are from Doug, the photos of the crashed chopper at Signal Hill , LZ Uplift and Earl McCann pictures are from Bill Hand. The last picture on the left is from Patrick O'Brien and the last on the right is from Jim Plisch. Click a picture to see it full size. Then click the "Back" button on your browser.

If the enemy is in range, so are you.

101stX.JPG (22553 bytes) Nov 68 - Out of English.  Unknown trooper in slot from 101st LRRPs on cross training with 1st Cav.  Montagnard on top. WymGlov.JPG (18544 bytes) An Loa Valley, out of LZ English, Dec 67.  Wyman Smith and (Don Glover on the radio).  Two teams on a "walkout" waiting for the "birds"
Twak.JPG (21776 bytes) Montagnard scout, Twak. "Very happy that these guys were on our side." --Parky Parky.JPG (23102 bytes) Doug Parkinson on perimeter duty. LZ Betty, Quang Tri; 1st day ofTet 68.  Next day LRRPs in this tower had the best view of the battle of Quang Tri (from 50 feet in the air)
ForrestD.JPG (15205 bytes) Forrest Decker at LZ Betty.  Spring 68.  Parky said the glasses were added to tone down the intimidating presence! ISpy.JPG (19812 bytes) Montagnard scout, Pong, exchanging glances with NVA officer on opposite side of valley looking for us west of Quang Tri.  April 68.  Fire Mission, Hasty Extraction, as NVA closing the door.
SignalHill.JPG (20927 bytes) Signal Hill - Ashau 1968.  Looking at troop movements.   Bob Ankony on left.  Who are the others? Spanky.JPG (28805 bytes) Two teams going out - Quang Tri - July, 1968.  Bob Ankony, John Bedford, Bruce Cain, Spanky Seymour, ?, Richard Heyd, Green, Anderson, ?, ?, Dish, Trumble, Blol
Glover.JPG (24228 bytes) Don Glover - LZ Uplift - Oct 67

Weapons cache result from first patrol.

DishAnk.JPG (25458 bytes) LZ Stud (near Khesahn) March/April 1968

Dish, Ankony, Cain, Whitten

Carr.JPG (14639 bytes) Bob Carr at LZ Uplift

Fall, 97

binos.JPG (14844 bytes) Nov 67. South of LZ Uplift

Cross training with 101st Abn. Div. LRRPs.

Firemiss.JPG (30313 bytes) Chuck Awe, Dish, Steve Fox, John Cripe - Fire mission north of LZ English - Jan 68 Pickup.JPG (23034 bytes) Pick up, An Loa 1967
FoxGlove.JPG (18298 bytes) Bird's on the way

Steve Fox and Dan Glover - English 1967 (Nov?)

Flopandnot_small.jpg (1860 bytes) Larry Curtis and McCann - 1968 An Khe
muleand2_small.jpg (1845 bytes) Larry Curtis & Bill Hand at LZ Uplift - Jan 68 Mangled_small.jpg (2029 bytes) Larry Curtis and Bill Hand's chopper after a less than perfect landing - Signal Hill - April 68
Hatandcord_small.jpg (2627 bytes) Danny Miller - 1968 beach_small.jpg (2320 bytes)
Tribute to 1SG Kelly This photo is from Patrick O'Brien. It is the only photo on the web site of 1SG Frederick J. Kelly. Pong, Plisch, and Blol L to R: Montagnards Pong and Blol with Jim Plisch taken in mid 1968 - Courtesy of Jim Plisch

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