Vietnam Photos 11
From Rick Arden, June, 1969 - June, 1970

Thanks, Rick for sharing these with us.  Double click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.  Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

2guys.jpg (24110 bytes) Fumio Ikeda and Richard Saylor bakkie.jpg (19412 bytes) From left:  Joe Harner, John LeBrun and Michael Bakkie
bill.jpg (24817 bytes) L to R: Bill Abbott and Rick Arden camo.jpg (21114 bytes) Rick Arden - Ready to go!
camp.jpg (20195 bytes) Aerial view of the Ranger compound at Phouc Vinh eye.jpg (27480 bytes) Rick Arden with eye patch.  Art work by Lee Comstock.
final.jpg (34876 bytes) Rick Arden going on his last mission. Gary Mascitelli is there to see him off. flying.jpg (20390 bytes) Trainees learning about McGuire rigs.
flying2.jpg (28331 bytes) At the end of their ropes are two trainees fixing to be extracted by McGuire rigs.  This is practice for the real thing. flying3.jpg (32849 bytes) It's fun when you aren't getting shot at!
gary.jpg (28282 bytes) From left:  Gary Mascitelli, TL and Rick Arden, ATL GaryM.JPG (25103 bytes) Gary Mascitelli suffering from a little boogie fever!
guys2.jpg (22608 bytes) Standing L to R: Ted Scherck, Oscar Nalls and Hamed Gouric.   Kneeling from left is Charles Coffin and John Adley. guys4.jpg (19273 bytes) From back standing: Carlos Ochoa, ?, ?, Wynn (Richard or William?).  Seated: Dan Roberts, Waylon Chappell, Michael Bakkie (back to camera), Oscar Nalls, ? , and Henry Morris.
guys5.jpg (17681 bytes) From left: John LeBrun, Richard Cramer and Roman (Pineapple) Taijeron guys6.jpg (19434 bytes) Bill Abbott and John LeBrun
guys7.jpg (23919 bytes) Opening ceremony for the Ranger Inn.  Cutting the ribbon is CO Captain Richard Griffiths and 1st Sergeant, James Rovano. heuy.jpg (15340 bytes) Hitchin' a ride on a 1st Cav Huey
jack.jpg (25254 bytes) L to R:  Rick Arden and Jack Bowles Jorgy.JPG (31097 bytes) Kregg "PJ" Jorgenson
MacIn.jpg (20211 bytes) Jim McIntyre with Bronze Star, 19 Nov. 1969 Macteam.jpg (25193 bytes) L to R, standing:  Rick Arden, Richard Cramer, Jim McIntyre.   Kneeling:  Bill Abbott and ? Smith.
partin.jpg (29101 bytes) L to R: Rick Arden, Ed Partin and Jack Bowles. Pj.jpg (30022 bytes) Kregg Jorgenson strikes a pose!
rick.jpg (22826 bytes) Rick Arden? sarge.jpg (24135 bytes) L to R:  Gary Mascitelli, Stan Edwards and 2nd platoon sergeant, Grover Sprague
stan.jpg (25556 bytes) L to R:  Dan Roberts and Lt. Mike Brennan team.jpg (26059 bytes) L to R: ?, Gary Mascitelli, Rick Arden.  Kneeling: Ted Scherck and ? Smith.
team3.jpg (36841 bytes) L to R: Jim McIntyre, Richard Cramer, Bill Abbott.  Kneeling is Lee Comstock and Rick Arden.


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