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When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.

Bedford & Company Back row, left to right: John Bedford, Steve Curtis, Kit Carson scout, and Mike Blymer It Pays to Advertise! Doug Sterner and Jaime Pacheco in front of our infamous sign-1972
The Bush Beatin' 5 From back left: Harry Elston, Guy McConnell, Bill Elliot Front: from left: Phu and Chuck Windham Mac's Team Back row, left to right: Harry Elston, III, Bernard Graddy, Bruce Judkins Kneeling l to r: David McWilliams and William Jones
Wild Bill & Phu The Short and Long of it! Phu and "Wild Bill" Elliot Jaime on Huey Jaime Pacheco onboard Slick--1972
A Gang of Rangers 1969 From left: Mike Brennan, Michael Germany, Dan Roberts, Stan Edwards, Bruce Judkins, Haas, Mike Carroll, and ? and Robert Tacadina in front Jungle Rules Volleyball -- Jungle Rules!
Come as you are! William Jones and Ernie Squire, Jr. in front of 1st Platoon barracks -- 1969 Lucky LRRP! Phil Bailey displays evidence of a close encounter. A bullet through the canteen on one side and another through the ammo pouch on the other side of his web gear. Yes, he was wearing it at the time!
Poker Fun Phil Bailey, Paul "Pharoh" Alfaro and "Spanky" Seymour try to increase their take-home pay. I'd think twice before getting into a game with Paul. Windy Charles "Windy" Windham -- 1969
4 Buddies From the left: Lewis Davison, William Blanchard, Phu, Harry Elston Who stole My     Beret? Harry kind of snapped one day!
Plumbing Problems! 10 minutes before this picture was taken this was a perfectly suitable latrine. A VC rocket simultaneously decreased supply and increased demand for latrines! Jaime Pacheco - RTO Jaime Pacheco --"Sit Rep" -- 1972
Davis Me Danny Grover Davis, Bruce Judkins and Danny Terrio -- 1969 Never could get those boys to wash their faces! Hand's Whores From left: Standing, unknown, Little John Hardesty, Richard Turbitt (KIA 4/68, Signal Hill A Shau Valley), Bill Hand, Ron Bitticks, Unknown, Don Van Hook and Tom Ford. Photo from Tom Ford via e-mail!
The morning after! Some boys in this 1st of the 9th barracks should have headed for the bunker when the siren sounded last night. Friends in High Places Bruce Judkins with Jerry Price (1SG) and Jim Regan (Plt SG)
Clint's first team! From Clint Voorhees-via e-mail-Back from left-Harrin, Voorhees, Cesario Lizarraga Front from left-Williams, Joy and Doug Matze Truth in advertising! The 1st Sergeant's business card. It's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way!
Avilla, Whitsitt, ? From left: Rangers, Henry Avilla, Joe Whitsitt and ? Photo courtesy of Stan Freeborn. Taken in late 1972. Party time! On left is Joe Whitsitt. Man with no shirt holding beer is Gilbert Ramirez. The man to Gil's left was an airman at the base. Who are the other Rangers? Photo from Stan Freeborn, 1972


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