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Thanks to George Richardson, Lou Carista and Bob Gill for these pictures. Click a picture to see it full size. Then click the "Back" button on your browser.

If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid.

Brothers in Arms Lee Hennings and Bernard Graddy - 1969. A Dynamic Duo! Recondos Nha Trang - 1969 Some agoin' and some acomin' to MACV Recondo School. From the left: Walter Kraft, Charlie Hasty, Sam Jones, Rex McElroy, George Richardson & Dan Roberts. Turner Harvell behind Hasty.
Hot food, warm beer and a cold shower tonite! Anthony Vaughn. George says you can tell by the smile that he was comin' out, not goin' in! Leave the meter runnin' This Cav taxi just dropped six fares off at Phouc Vinh. It's cheaper when you travel in groups. Thanks for the ride, 1st Team!
Lento and friends Need a little help here. On the left is Roy Hatfield. Stan Lento on the right. Is the man in the middle Daniel Arnold, KIA May 13, 1969? Rabcarfix.JPG (31382 bytes) Standing, L to R, Dev Cochrane, Leo Rabago, Lee Fix. Kneeling, Lou Carista and Sherman Tiller
Pltsgt1.JPG (30274 bytes) Platoon Sergeant-Lou Carista BedfordTahn.JPG (22577 bytes) John Bedford and KCS Tahn
Blanch.JPG (19945 bytes) William Blanchard-1969 BobBob.JPG (21714 bytes) Two Bobs! On the left is Bob Larson and Bob Gill on the right.
Buddha.JPG (20823 bytes) George Kennedy, James Plisch and Marshall Lumley practicing IA drills. Mac.JPG (26123 bytes) LRRP/Ranger Extraordinaire, David McWilliams. You are missed by everyone who knew you.
kcsPhu.JPG (22981 bytes) Kit Carson Scout Extraordinaire, Phu JorKing.JPG (17421 bytes) Wayne Kingston, ? , Bob Jordan

Need a little help here.

Mantrap.JPG (18303 bytes) Brock Newton hold a trap meant to disable soldiers--sharpened nails dipped in human waste. Simple and effective! Mello.JPG (24895 bytes) Ron Mello. In the back is the Recondo School mess hall.
MelParAsh.JPG (29464 bytes) Ron Mello, Jon Parquette and Charles Ashley in Sun City, An Khe, Oct. 68 SunBBQ.JPG (28621 bytes) Sunday at Recondo School--Steaks on the barbie!

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