Vietnam Photos 7

This is the 2nd of 3 Pages of Photos from Glen McCrary

All Photos are From H Co. 1970 and 1971

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails.   Thanks, Glen for such excellent photographs, good documentation and sharing them with us!

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons!

getready.JPG (27886 bytes) Glen McCrary, getting ready for a mission. girlglen.JPG (18736 bytes) Glen and Ranger Inn Hostess, Sally
Glen1stMis.JPG (23662 bytes) Glen McCrary - 1st mission Nov 1970. PFC Edward K. Fisher behind Glen with camera. Harper.JPG (20427 bytes) Ranger Tim Harper (KIA) received imact promotion from Brig. Gen. Jonthan R. Burton. Read the story.
HughesRyan.JPG (22372 bytes) Bob Hughes and Mike Ryan in the Ranger Inn. Feb 71 JHarner.JPG (29855 bytes) Joe Harner, training NCO.
joyride.JPG (16663 bytes) An unidentified Ranger team joy riding on a mule. JWyatt.JPG (29871 bytes) James Wyatt with M203.
LeeFix.JPG (26239 bytes) Ranger, Lee Fix lookcool.JPG (20337 bytes) Glen McCrary - Cooool!
LRRPmascot.JPG (26998 bytes) LRRP, the team mascot. Thanks for this one. Always regretted not getting a picture of LRRP in 69. Guess he did more tours than any of us! LtExley.JPG (23359 bytes) Lt. Gorden Exley embarking on his first Ranger mission.
Mc75mmMgun.JPG (21895 bytes) Glen McCrary with a captured 75mm round and 7.62mm light machine gun. McDyke50.JPG (23821 bytes) Glen and Barry Dykeman with captured US .50 cal. machine gun.
MuleDykerds.JPG (15330 bytes) Barry Dykeman with capture rounds Feb 1971. pepsigen.JPG (24964 bytes) Jodey likes Pepsi!
pepsiglen.JPG (19734 bytes) Glen McCrary drinks Pepsi, too. SgtPatterson.JPG (26223 bytes) Based on this photo we can assume that Gary "Pat" Patterson is absolutely addicted to Pepsi!
Perez.JPG (27653 bytes) "Dangerous" Perez polesitter.JPG (16810 bytes) An unidentified Ranger climbs up for a better observation of the "going back to the world" celebration for a fellow Ranger.


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