Nam Photos 63 - Pictures From Lou Bruchey

Photos taken from enemy KIA by Slashing Talon 74, Oct 1970. Lou Bruchey & Leon MacLaughlin on main drag of Phuoc Vinh village 4-70
Slashing Talon 74 before award ceremony at Song Be (Bruchey, Beasely, Fowler, Allen, Essman) Oct 70 Major General George Putnam, Jr. awards silver star to Spec4. Lou Bruchey Oct 1970
Beasely in the bush 1970 Lou Bruchey with captured AK47 & Sally in front of Ranger Inn 10-70
Dobbs & Bruchey say good-bye to DeVaughn 11-70 Duggan, Gannon, Sanders (Babyson), Shithead (dog) 1970
Essman in the bush 1970 Gourick, Nulls, Kriter, Dobbs, Bruchey 11-70
Fowler & trainees at range 1970 Gourick, DeVaughn, Nulls, Dobbs
Harner, Nulls, Gannon, Gourick, Dobbs pop smoke for DeVaughn 11-70 Harron, Massengill, Smith, Bruchey, Harper, Stark, Gunther 1970
Sgt. Harner drills trainees in company AO - 1970 Bruchey with Cobra Gunship
Rodrieguez and Cordle. Rod is carrying AK47 he took off an enemy KIA. 7-70 Randy King, Lizaraga, OJ Thomlison, Lou Bruchey, & Kilmer in co. AO - 1970
Going to the pad for a mission. Bruchey with M-16 & grenade launcher. Carl Laker is back right. 4-70 TL Bruchey and RTO George Gentry waiting for extraction. 1970
Barton, Stobaugh, Joy, Bruchey in company AO. 1970 Bruchey after Recondo school graduation in Nha Trang. 1970
Bruchey firing gease gun at range - 1970 Job, Perez, Bruchey, Gannon, Eddins, Partin, Harper (KIA), Palmer 1970
LOH Doorgunner, Bruchey, 7-70 Mike Ryan, Lou Bruchey on alpha relay, Nui Chow Chan (3rd brigage), 1970
Page & Joy 1970 Two rockets land on flight line as chopper takes off during rocket attack at Phouc Vinh 1970
Recondo school party 1970 Sally & Lou Bruchey - 1970
TL Bruchey & RTO George Gentry 1970 Williams, Ray, Cathywood, Scherck 1970

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