Vietnam Photos 36
Photos From Harry Elston - 1969

Great photos, Harry, thanks for sharing them with us!

Never tell the platoon sergeant you have nothing to do.

Elston32.JPG (16179 bytes) Bending over is Frank Arguello. Then Larry Robinson and John Duffy on the far right. Need help with the rest. Elston33.JPG (24147 bytes) The original SUV
Elston34.JPG (14700 bytes) Bill Blanchard showing off the new sh---- er-uh latrine. Elston35.JPG (15180 bytes) L to R: Loel Largent, Bill Blanchard, and Mike Echterling
Elston36.JPG (24583 bytes) Ranger Herbert Bradley Elston37.JPG (15064 bytes) Ranger Ken "Tater" Storm
Elston38.JPG (15499 bytes) L to R: Michael Germany, Bernard Graddy, ?, Wayne Kingston, Lee Hennings and Merle Otto. Elston39.JPG (13930 bytes) Ranger Harry Elston
Elston40.JPG (16276 bytes) Lt. Donald Malcomb swims to shore as Joseph "Doc" Hagerty jumps from the Huey. They were eager to help David McWilliams team get a wounded NVA soldier out of an AO where the closest LZ was about a mile away. Elston41.JPG (15469 bytes) A slick bringing in the grunts to help.
Elston45.JPG (16503 bytes) David McWilliams stranded on an island. What the heck are you doing out there, Mac? Elston46.JPG (18630 bytes) Ranger Harry Elston on the same mission. What a time to go wading!
Elston50.JPG (15261 bytes) Harry Elston Elston51.JPG (12271 bytes) Ranger Jan Coates
Elston52.JPG (14436 bytes) Ranger Steve Curtis Elston53.JPG (13498 bytes) L to R: Larry McEwen, Sam Jones, ? , David Mitchell. Lee Hennings in background.
Elston55.JPG (14461 bytes) Ranger David McWilliams Elston56.JPG (15778 bytes) Ranger Jim Kraft
Elston58.JPG (17038 bytes) Two inseparable North Carolinians, Charlie Hasty and Turner Harvell Elston59.JPG (18016 bytes) Ranger Bill Blanchard

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