Vietnam Photos 3
Photos From 1967 - Courtesy of Ron Christopher
Pat Avery, and Jim Bracewell

The first three are Ron's, then Pat's taken at LZ Uplift. The last four are from Cav Pilot Jim Bracewell

Thanks gentlemen for sharing these with us! Just click a picture to see the larger version.  Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.  You know the drill!  

Never trust a private with a loaded weapon, or an officer with a map.

Geoffery Koper SP4 Geoffery "Doc" Koper, first LRRP medic. Simones, Fletcher, & Guerrero Members of the first LRRP team. L to R: Sgt John Simones, ATL; SP4 Doug Fletcher, senior scout; & and Arthur Guerrero, scout.
SSG Ron Christopher Ron Christopher, first LRRP TL. 18yrsold.JPG (39463 bytes) If I'm not mistaken this is Pat Avery on the day he turned 18. Happy Birthday, Pat!
ToplessPat.JPG (62029 bytes) Leo Corey is the one without a hat. Who are the others? Weapons.JPG (47699 bytes) Tools of the trade
Bacon.JPG (28304 bytes) Ed Bacon or Rufus Bacon?  Need help on this one. Barnes.JPG (35475 bytes) John Barnes must have eaten in a different mess hall!  The man actually had some meat on his bones!
Pat Avery, Lookin' Good Pat Avery NamPhotos3/HallandBarnes.JPG (29530 bytes) John Barnes and Carl Saintignan (Santiago) Who's the man with the M16?


HavGreenMc.JPG (29453 bytes) From left:  Joe Haverlandt, Doug Greenfield, and Jim S. McIntyre Hi.JPG (32189 bytes) From the left these happy campers are:  Joe Dilger, Tom Campbell, Leo Corey, Donald Gooding, ???
LeonardLyles.JPG (52832 bytes) Leonard Lyles at the picnic MooreGriffenSmith.JPG (42415 bytes) From left: Dennie Moore, Jay (Jerry?) Griffen and Wyman Smith
MonkeyBusiness.JPG (31648 bytes) Carl Saintignan and friend PatAvery.JPG (41824 bytes) Pat Avery relaxing in the field
RoySmith.JPG (41934 bytes) Roy Smith, shaving with an interested onlooker TheSign.JPG (21238 bytes) The sign
Whoishe.JPG (32009 bytes) Thanks, Spanky for identifying this LRRP as Carl Saintignan VietnameseGirl.JPG (35609 bytes) A little mama san.  Sure wish I'd brought one of those hats back.
2Guys.JPG (33732 bytes) From left: Doug Greenfield, Company Clerk, and Pat Avery on the day Pat left for home! CptJames.JPG (26581 bytes) LRRP CO CPT James James
JPB-67-LZHammond.jpg (22716 bytes) Cav Pilot Jim Bracewell brought out the first LRRP team casualties. LRRPXO,LtHall.jpg (13296 bytes) LT Ron Hall taking in the view.
dwoc23.jpg (36272 bytes) Slicks used to insert and extract LRRPs


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