Vietnam Photos 16

Thanks to our friend and collector of Vietnam War memorobilia from Manchester, England, John L. Jones for the first 13 pictures on this page. These photos are from the photo album of Ronald G. Baker (SGT, 1970). SGT Baker completed Ranger Class H-1-70 on 26 July 70 and graduated from Recondo School with certificate number 3082 on 24 Jan 70. We did not have Ronald Baker on our roster. Thanks John for identifying one of our own! Thanks to Darrell Smith for identifying many of the rangers in these photos. Items contributed by Paul Alfaro, Charlie Burckhardt, Keith Marquardt and Patti McWilliams are also represented and the contributor noted in the captions. Thanks to all!

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

Baker.JPG (20005 bytes) Ranger Ronald G. Baker BakerBeret.JPG (18548 bytes) Ranger Ronald G. Baker
bicep.JPG (17672 bytes) Johnny Rodriguez shows off an impressive bicep! Unknown with Ed Partin L to R: Deverton Cochrane and Ed Partin. Thanks to Clint Voorhees for identifying Cochrane.
CharlieCo.JPG (20576 bytes) This is Cav Headquarters at Phuoc Vinh Dennis Jobe, after mission Dennis Jobe, after a mission
cutoffs.JPG (24533 bytes) E6 Ranger, Ed Partin--a good friend of Ron Baker IAdrill.JPG (16942 bytes) A team practicing an IA (immediate action) drill
RangerArea.JPG (23352 bytes) Looks like Johnny "Rod" Rodriguez's AO RANGERINN.jpg (15402 bytes) Ranger Ronald Baker at the Ranger Inn
Unknown Ranger from Miraldi's book This "unidentified" ranger from Paul Miraldi's book is Ed Partin. Sam Dobbs recognized him and Michael Banta in the next photo. Thanks Sam. Another unknown ranger This "unidentified" ranger from Paul Miraldi's book is now identified as Michael Banta (KIA).
Sam Dobbs Ranger, Sam Dobbs Awards1.JPG (23897 bytes) Tex Williams, closest to camera, Terry Cordle (5th from left). 1SG James Rovano holding orders & Captain Carrier giving the awards
Awards2.JPG (24575 bytes) Captain Carrier pinning on medals, 1970. Others in photo include Lee Fix, Tim Joeckel, Darrell Smith. Alfaro.jpg (22184 bytes) Paul Alfaro after receiving the silver star. From Paul's photos.
Knife.JPG (26951 bytes) Left to Right: David McWilliams, Montgomery "Bull" Durham, Wayne Christner (with knife), David Ashley. Seated, Ken "Tater" Storm. Photo from April 1969. From Patti McWilliams (David's photos) LRRPNPaul.JPG (14083 bytes) Paul Alfaro and LRRP, our company mascot. From Paul Alfaro's photos.
MacKCS.JPG (28045 bytes) David "Mac" McWilliams with KCS. April 1969. From Patti McWilliams (David's photos) Pow.jpg (26439 bytes) A captured POW. To the right of the POW is Dan Roberts. To his left is Keith Marquardt. The other fellow is James Stein . From Keith Marquardt
lrrp-01.jpg (53887 bytes) From Charlie Burckhardt Unknowns.JPG (24796 bytes) From Patti McWilliams (David's photos)
chu-hoi-front.JPG (53778 bytes) Front of a chieu hoi leaflet
From Charlie Burckhardt
chu-hoi-text.JPG (52846 bytes) Text on the back of chieu hoi leaflet
From Charlie Burckhardt
mpc-front.jpg (49315 bytes) MPC script, aka funny money (front), from Charlie Burckhardt
This was our currency in Nam
mpc-rear.JPG (53776 bytes) MPC (back), from Charlie Burckhardt

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