Vietnam Photos 15

More photos from Ted Yoshimura


Don't ever be the first. Don't ever be the last. Don't ever volunteer to do anything.

WanishHome.JPG (24596 bytes) Terry Wanish--Going home! JimYoungHome.JPG (27079 bytes) Jim Young--Going home!
JoyHomeward.JPG (17383 bytes) Gary Joy going home with captured SKS. joywhowilliams.JPG (20527 bytes) Gary Joy, ?, "Tex" Williams
LOHcrash.JPG (17574 bytes) Unidentified ranger at site of crashed LOH. McCrary2whosTague.JPG (19734 bytes) Man on left is not Glen McCrary as previously labeled, ?, PeeWee Barrett with rifle?, Rodney Tague?
PCalderon.JPG (20703 bytes) Pancho Calderon unknown2.JPG (25979 bytes) Need a name for this ranger.
UnknownStyre.JPG (24464 bytes) Who knows this ranger with the "styre"? UnkStarch.JPG (17441 bytes) Darrell Smith in foreground, Charles Beasley (hand to head), and Terry Smith on flight line at FSB Mace. About Jan. or Feb., 1971
Wanishand2more.JPG (18524 bytes) Terry Wanish, ?, and ? Hughes and Mo Page Robert Hughes, Morris Page
WanishM203.JPG (27675 bytes) Terry Wanish with M203. WanishWarPaint.JPG (22442 bytes) Terry Wanish with warpaint, before a mission.
Unknown and Bobby Fisher ?, Bobby Fisher BucksKhakis.JPG (21136 bytes) Two buck sergeants, Lou Bruchey on the left and Carlos Ochoa?
YoshAK47.JPG (56763 bytes) Ted Yoshimura--"OK, I'll walk point, but remember, I'm on your side!" TeamSign.JPG (22182 bytes) Yoshi tells me this wasn't an actual team, but a few guys between missions picked for a photo shoot and Ranger feature article.
YoshAK47.JPG (56763 bytes) Yoshi's answer to the ever popular peace symbol! Was this government issue? Ha! Strange ways of coping with the stresses of combat were commonplace in our unit. TeamSign.JPG (22182 bytes) The wooden nickel was our calling card. We left them on the bodies of the enemy. It was a strong psychological tool used to remind the enemy that they were not safe, even in their own back yard.
Training poster Training poster found in classroom where non-Rangers were trained by Rangers. Training poster Our mission statement in the classroom for non-rangers.

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