Vietnam Photos 12

Photos from Carl Herrman, 1969 and 1970

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Teamwork is essential. It gives the enemy someone else to shoot at.

BigHole.JPG (23790 bytes) This looks similar to the damage inflicted on the 1/9th barracks on the Vietnam Photos page--but not the same. What's the story? Cast.JPG (21587 bytes) From left to right: Richard Newman, A.J. Simon and Lyle Gayman. The packages contain stuff found on a mission after a hot night extraction.
Cobra.JPG (16937 bytes) A cobra gunship.  The red bird in a pink team and a devastating weapon that saved a lot of LRRPs. Eats.JPG (17355 bytes) Company cookout.
Formation.JPG (19553 bytes) Award ceremony.  Formation2.JPG (21104 bytes) Awards ceremony
No13.JPG (16777 bytes) From left is Carl Herrmann, Rex McElroy and Baby Sahn-Saunders? Think that's right! Greenly.JPG (21082 bytes) Is it Tim Greenly behind the wheel? Who's the guy on the left?
LRRPdrinks.jpg (21610 bytes) A favorite sport was letting LRRP catch live rats caught in cages overnight. What fun! McGwire.JPG (11303 bytes) Some rangers getting a little McGuire rig training and an excellent view!
Mob.JPG (24358 bytes) Roy Hatfield is on the mule holding the M79. 1SG Jerry Price is behind Roy sans hat and Bill Blanchard is visible by looking over the flop hat of the man on the radio. Muddy.JPG (17417 bytes) Monsoon rains create a lot of mud which doesn't go away.
No1.JPG (22944 bytes)   No10.JPG (17221 bytes) L to R: Carl Herrmann and Michael Germany getting set to visit Sydney, Australia!
No11.JPG (20831 bytes) Gentlemen!  Start your engines! No12.JPG (12789 bytes) Larry Gant is the "Imperial Short-timer. That is, he's N-E-X-T and enjoying the privileges accorded one so favored!
GenCasey.JPG (17758 bytes) General Casey visiting with the troops at an awards ceremony. No14.JPG (14679 bytes) Larry Gant is the lucky "Next" guy, going home! His "Freedom Bird" awaits!
No15.JPG (17158 bytes) Rex McElroy isn't short, he's next! That's what the sign says on the antlers. He who was "Next" got to wear the special attire and was hauled around the area on a mule bidding farewell to his friends because he was going home! Otto.JPG (18576 bytes) In the mail hut is Merle Otto.  Hands on hips is Carl Herrmann.  On the left is Michael Germany
No3.JPG (24507 bytes) This convoy of Jeeps rode to Bien Hoa. One of 'em hit a land mine. Fortunately, no one was hurt! No4.JPG (20666 bytes) Sign makers must have made a fortune in Nam!
No5.JPG (23728 bytes) Team shot.  In the back row, middle is Stan Edwards. To his left (sans hat) is Ken Yoos.  Front, on far right is Leo Rabago.  Help with the rest! No6.JPG (12210 bytes) Carl, I think you're out of uniform!
No7.JPG (16993 bytes) I'm not 100% sure, but I really do believe this is Jerry Price--the First Sergeant! No8.JPG (19785 bytes) This is your basic mob scene. Roy Hatfield on mule with left hand on chunker (M79) and Mike Brennan standing back to camera with Car 15 on his back.
No9.JPG (25918 bytes) Again, am guessing that it's Tim Greenly talking on the radio. No2.JPG (19767 bytes) Captain Griffiths gives some last minute advice to a team ready to go. On the mule, closest to camera are Gary Mascitelli and A.J. Simon.
Regan.JPG (21241 bytes) Platoon sergeant Jim Regan checking gear before a mission. tiger.JPG (24556 bytes) Tony the Tiger?  Wow, what a BIG CAT!  Who are the fellows with the beast? Keith Marquardt informs us that this big fellow was the victim of a LOH door gunner.

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