Vietnam Photos 10

These pictures are from A.J. Simon

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No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection.

Top and newbies 1st Sergeant Price BS ing a bunch of new guys! (Notice the omission of the word "with"!) Awards.JPG (15822 bytes) Awards ceremony. Bronze star.
Awards2.JPG (16625 bytes) Awards ceremony. General Casey, Captain Griffiths, Lee Comstock, Ted Scherck, and Gary Mascitelli. Bronze star awards. Kentucky vs. Indiana. That's Simon faking out Harner of Indiana and going in for 2! KY 26 - IND 22! We beat 'em at volleyball, too!
Aaah! Goodies from home! A.J. inspects a care package from home. Thanks Mom and Dad! Caseychat.JPG (14695 bytes) Awards ceremony.
Creased.JPG (18261 bytes) Glad they're in our hands now! A.J. inspects a B-40 and AK47 captured from the enemy.
The jungle's not so bad! Such dedication! Even on his day off from the boonies, A.J. leads the way with that extra effort! Fakin' it! A.J. playing door gunner!
LRRP Limo A.J. heading down the strip to pick up a team coming in from a mission. Gen Casey General Casey at award ceremony.
Gettin' ready for the commute A.J. getting ready to go to work. "In an hour I'd be somewhere in the jungles." Potable water Merle Otto supervising the delivery of potable water. Everything we drank came out of this big water bladder.
LOH This is a 1st Cav LOH (loach). Light observation helicopter. Used to find LRRPs, track enemy, draw enemy fire, mark locations and all sorts of exciting things! Soakin' up suds At the Ranger Inn? Enjoying a little down time, with beer of course.
Fire Something's burning! Does anyone know what? Map Class Map reading class. Ranger classroom.
Rgrs3KCS.JPG (21708 bytes) Simon, Castro, ? , Mike Wirtz Sandbaggin' Roger Dahlstrom and "Doc" Hamilton goofin' off while AJ did all the work. At least that's A.J.'s version! Is Hamilton Richard or Ray?
Team 35 Team 35 A.J. Simon, Roy Hatfield, Roman Taijeron (aka Pineapple, Craig Leerburg, ? Rockin' around the Christmas tree Christmas party. Gary Mascitelli telling tales in the back. A.J. trying to turn up the volume to drown him out. Richard Arden is on the far right. Who are the others?


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